Bail Bonds

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Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds | Copperhead Fast Bail Bonding - Hamilton, GA

When someone gets arrested, there are two ways for them to get out of jail quickly: with either bail money or bail bonds. Though the result is the same for both transactions, the difference lies in where the money comes from.

The defendant is responsible for posting bail money to secure his release. No outside parties are necessary if full bail can be posted. However, depending on the charges filed, the amount set for bail may be in excess of what the defendant can afford.

Copperhead Fast Bail Bonding realizes that not everyone has a substantial amount of ready cash with which to pay a large bail amount to get out of jail. They will work with you and your family to find some collateral with which to secure the funds for your release.

Don’t let the stress of worrying about cash for your bail get you down. With the approval of our local court officials, we offer services to help you or a loved one post a bail that you may not have the finances to provide. We present a surety bond to the court system in lieu of the fee that you are charged in order to get you out of jail, back to work, and reunited with family and friends. We offer quick, personalized service to ensure you have the best experience possible throughout this process, along with providing all the information you need to know and answers to any and all questions you may have.

When you call Copperhead Fast Bail Bonding, you can be assured that you will be treated with dignity and respect. We treat everyone the same no matter what the charges are. We have provided bail bonds for everything from a driving under the influence charge, to a traffic violation charge, all the way up to a major felony charge. Bail bonds are our business. We are local and service Hamilton and Harris County.

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