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24 Hour Bondsman

24 Hour Bondsman | Copperhead Fast Bail Bonding - Hamilton, GA

At Copperhead Fast Bail Bonding, there is no such thing as ‘after business hours.’ We are proud to be your 24 hour bondsman. Any time, day or night, we are ready to come to your rescue!

We know that any time spent behind bars is too long. If your arrest happens at night, some bonding agencies will make their client wait until the morning to start the bail hearing process. This is because some bail bondsmen strictly work what is commonly referred to as ‘bankers’ hours,’ or 9 to 5.

Your 24 hour bondsman in the Harris County area of Hamilton, GA is ready to take you from your bail hearing to freedom in as little as 20 minutes. The defendant is released as soon as the bail is paid. It can, however, take a while longer at night, as the paperwork has to go through channels that may not necessarily be manned 24 hours a day.

To expedite the process, it helps if whoever is assisting the defendant and the jail bail agent is prepared with details that will have to be filled out on the paperwork in advance. Copperhead Fast Bail Bonding will need the standard information such as name, address, social security number and a valid driver's license.

Other information and documents will be necessary to secure the bond. Some things that you need to bring to your 24 hour bondsman before a release would be documents such as:

• Landlord/mortgage holder name and number
• Employer contact information
• List of previous employers
• Vehicle information
• Contact phone numbers for the defendant’s spouse
• Credit card numbers
• Paperwork/deed/title to whatever is being used as collateral to secure the bond

While all of this can seem very overwhelming, at the end of the day it will be worth it when you or your loved one is able to walk out of jail as free as a bird. We promise our clients prompt service and consistently deliver on that promise every day.

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